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Sure, I can help you with information about Waqar Zaka and his involvement with cryptocurrency.Waqar Zaka is a well-known media personality and television host in Pakistan. He has been actively involved in promoting the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, in Pakistan. In fact, he claims to be the first person in Pakistan to have introduced Bitcoin back in 2014.Zaka has also launched his own cryptocurrency called “TenUp” in 2018, which he claims is the first Pakistani cryptocurrency. He aims to use TenUp to help Pakistanis make online transactions and to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency in the country.In addition to promoting cryptocurrencies, Zaka has been involved in various charitable and social projects, including using cryptocurrencies to help people in need..Overall, Waqar Zaka is considered to be one of the most prominent advocates of cryptocurrencies in Pakistan and has been working towards increasing their adoption and awareness in the country.


  • You need a computer (Mac or Windows), an internet connection, and a free YouTube account


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